Great white guest from the deep pings in Swan Quarter Bay

By on December 9, 2017

What if we were to tell you a great white shark has been tracked by satellite in Pamlico Sound? It wouldn’t be the first time.

What if we were to tell you it was tracked in Swan Quarter Bay off Hyde County? That would be a first.

A great white that was tagged by researchers off Long Island in August measuring 5-feet, 5-inches long has been apparently hanging out around the waters of eastern North Carolina over the past week.

Named “Bruin” by OCEARCH, the male shark was initially located Tuesday night about 30 miles due east of Buxton in the Atlantic Ocean. A tracking device on the dorsal fin sends a signal whenever it breaches the surface of the water.

The next “ping” turned up Wednesday evening in the center of Pamlico Sound between Avon and the mainland, and the Friday evening near the Hyde County seat.

While there is some question as to how accurate the exact location of the satellite tracks, which can be off by as much as 20 miles, experts say it is not unusual for predators to venture into North Carolina’s internal waters chasing food.

In January 2016, a great white named “Katharine” was tracked in the Pamlico Sound several times, and there have been numerous other pings of tagged sharks both on the ocean and soundside of the Outer Banks.

Bruin is a young of the year white shark tagged on August 12, 2017 during Expedition New York, according to the shark’s profile on

This shark was named for the students at the Brunswick school in Greenwich, Conn. so they can have a shark to track.


  • Sandy Semans

    Scientists have confirmed that this area has become the northern most nursery for bull sharks. Before now, the most northern was north Florida. The water here has increased about 4 degrees so there are species showing up that usually are found farther south. And, conversely, there are species that are usually here that are moving farther north. It’s that climate change that some in the General Assembly deny.

    Saturday, Dec 9 @ 6:35 pm
  • dave

    Sandy, its that “fake climate change”. Lol! Its very hard to get two well renowned PhD people to agree on anything. 98.7% of ALL well renowned climatologists agree there is man created climate change. These same deniers probably said Newton created “Fake Math/calculus” or Einstein’s “fake physics” or the Wright Brothers “fake airplane”, or the flat earth society’s “fake round planet”….etc. Lol!

    Tuesday, Dec 12 @ 9:08 am