Dare County sticking with current garbage pickup schedule

By on December 7, 2017

The change would only save $5,500 a year. (Dare Co.)

After considering a proposal last month to reduce the off-season schedule for trash pick-up in unincorporated areas of Dare County, the Board of Commissioners decided not to make a change after all.

Monday’s meeting opened with a stunning performance of seasonal music by the Manteo High School Concert Choir and the presentation of numerous service and achievement awards to county employees.

Public comments were mostly directed at a proposal to reduce residential trash collection during in fall and winter in unincorporated Dare County from twice- to once-a-week that was discussed at the previous meeting in November.

A majority of the speakers were against the idea that would have also scaled back commercial collection to twice-a-week.

The item was presented last month as a pilot program by County Manager Bobby Outten, who had been asked by the board to explore changing the schedule for cost savings and increased efficiency.

The proposed change would have been in effect through March 31, 2018, and include Colington, Hatteras Island, Manteo outside the town limits, Wanchese, Manns Harbor, East Lake, and Stumpy Point.

Outten informed the board that further study revealed the change would save only $5,500 a year, and commissioners decided to take no action and leave the current schedule in place.

In other actions, Dare County Tourism Board chair Susie Walters and Outer Banks Visitor Bureau Executive Director Lee Nettles requested the board grant permission for the Dare County Tourism Board to acquire property between U.S. 158 and N.C. 12 to provide overflow parking for the Soundside Event Site in Nags Head.

Nettles said the one-acre site currently occupied by the South Beach Grill restaurant could add up to 80 parking spaces if the restaurant building was demolished, or 50 spaces if the building was retained and used for storage or other needs.

Walters noted an adjacent property owner expressed some interest in selling, which would add more parking.

Chairman Bob Woodard asked Walters if the Town of Nags Head might consider a two-level parking garage on the site, essentially doubling the parking, but she stated she could not answer for the town board.

County commissioners approved the request of $715,000 for the purchase.

End-of-year reports were presented by the Dare County Department of Health and Human Services, and Dr. Sheila Davies of the Public Health Division updated the board on progress made in the area of child telepsychiatry.

Outten presented Dare County Public Information Officer Dorothy Hester with a third place award from the North Carolina Association of Government Information Officers for the “More Beach to Love” campaign, a multi-media information effort put together by Hester and others.

Outten also credited Dare County Media Specialist Sara Small, and the Public Information Officers of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills for their help in earning the award.

The program helped inform visitors and affected property owners and businesses of the progress of the beach nourishment project, including long-term outcomes and short-term disruptions as areas of the beach were closed during nourishment phases.

The board also approved a request for the Hatteras Village Community Center Tax District to hold a voter referendum on the question of using funds collected by the district to expand multi-use paths, including bike paths, within the district.

The North Carolina General Assembly gave the county permission earlier this year for the referendum to be held.

Outten noted that only those in the taxing district would be voting in the referendum, and if approved, there would be no tax increases.

The measure would only allow revenues collected under the existing tax to be expended on construction and maintenance of the proposed improvements.


  • Czarina

    Disgusting when our commissioners look at saving $5,500 as not worth the effort. It’s OUR money!!!

    Friday, Dec 8 @ 6:21 am
  • OBX Resident

    It is pretty nuts that Dare Commissioners and the Dare County Tourism Board continue to massage the ‘event site’ with no long term mission statement while spending volumes of taxpayer money on this boondoggle. What is the vision for this site? How do they recoup the millions invested of taxpayer money? How many events do they have to hold at the site for it to be solvent? What attendance is required at these events?

    Now, they are using an additional $715,000 of TAXPAYER money for either 50 or 80 parking spaces. The land cost alone without any improvement cost equate to each parking space costing taxpayers $14,300 each for 50 spaces, or $8,937.50 each for 80 spaces. Now, they are considering purchasing an additional parcel for greater parking, a parking garage, etc.

    What is even more disturbing is the fact that there is a much better suited publically owned event site at Festival Park in Manteo that already has the infrastructure, and can handle events larger than the Nags Head Event site will ever be capable of handling. Additionally, in Manteo one does not have to play ‘Frogger’ crossing the Bypass on foot while drivers are blinded by all of the police lights around the Nags Head event site. A pedestrian is going to be innocently injured at one of these events while crossing the Bypass.

    It is insane that they have so much money to throwaway on this site and that it sits empty approximately 355 days of the year, aside from Miller’s Waterfront flow over parking. Building a publically owned event site in Nags Head to compete with an existing publically owned site in Manteo is nuts, dueling public event sites, cue the Deliverance banjo song. I tell you it is nuts, ‘Pure-D Nuts’, ‘Pure-T Nuts’, whatever, it is simply Nuts (with a capital ‘N’). If the public only knew the total investment and costs associated with the Nags Head Event Site…… It would be interesting if the Commissioners would have to publically state this amount before every additional expenditure associated with this site.

    Friday, Dec 8 @ 11:33 am