Christmas bier and sausage for a festive holiday season

By on November 21, 2017

By Sophie Bennewitz

I drive a lot. I have a fairly long commute, and work itself requires a good amount of driving, too.

Our butchery makes value-added products for over 20 farms across three states.


I do a majority of the weekly driving to pick up meat and deliver finished products. A normal delivery day is about 500 miles and 12 to 14 hours in the truck.

I’ve logged hundreds of hours of podcasts and sung along to thousands of songs on the radio. My terrible singing is why I do these trips alone!

But I’m not alone on the roads. Traffic is omnipresent.

Those little red lines on Google Maps are evil squiggles of frustration with helpful side boxes telling you how many extra minutes of agonizing stop-and-go traffic will be added to your trip. And it’s going to get even worse over the next few weeks.

AAA estimates over 43.5 million people will be on the road this Thanksgiving holiday. I don’t care where you live, that’s got to mess up your commute! And this may be just the beginning of a long stressful holiday season. Once you arrive at your Thanksgiving feast there is the inevitable family drama unfolding and the angst of a potential culinary disaster.


Long story short, to this day our family will not serve carrots again; it’s not worth the risk.

Then there’s the official start to the Christmas madness. Lists are made, decorations are unboxed, Christmas lights are untangled for days and half of them don’t work, parties are scheduled, and time disappears faster than Christmas cookies left for Santa.

So as the crush of festivities bears down upon us, let’s focus on the real reason this is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas Bier!


It’s finally here. Four different malts, combined with low hop bitterness, slowly aged for over three months, results in a truly divine beer. The moderate carbonation won’t leave your mouth fizzing, but at 8.1 percent ABV, your head might be bubbling after a few pints!

Available in bottles, cans, and on draft this beer will wash away road rage once you reach your destination (please don’t drink and drive) and make your family even more wonderful than they already are.

In fact this beer is so good, it couldn’t be contained in the brewery.

Our butchery has created a pumpkin and turkey sausage that features the Christmas Bier as well! Light and flavorful, this sausage features the sweetness of fresh pumpkin and the rich fullness of the doppelbock.

You can also avoid disasters like the Bennewitz family’s infamous carrots and use Weeping Radish sausages on your Thanksgiving menu. The Andouille sausage adds just the right amount of heat to your stuffing to brighten up your bird.

From glass to plate, we’re doing everything we can to make sure your holiday meal is truly unforgettable!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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