Pairing wine with candy is not so spooky

By on October 30, 2017

By Laura Wayland

Halloween candy is not just for the kids!

Safety first. Remember parents, you need to check your kids’ candy before they eat it.


That means you have to taste the ones that are suspect (or that are your favorites). Eating some of their candy is your job. But how do you wash it down?

In your journey of taste and discovery through the world of wine, you’ve probably heard plenty of “facts” about wine, about food and wine pairing.

Here at Chip’s Wine and Beer we love to keep you on your toes and most of all we love to have fun! After all, wine and pairing it with food should be fun and delicious. It’s no fun when someone creates the kind of snobbism that makes the average wine drinker uncomfortable.

So keeping it fun, we wanted to let you know that every Friday night from 5 to 7 p.m. we have a free wine tasting. Come in, unwind from work and get ready for a fun weekend.

We thought that since it’s almost Halloween and the kids always get to have all the fun it should be our turn to indulge. Halloween is that time of year when we can throw all the “rules” out the window and just have a great time.


Oftentimes, we will only think of sweet wines for pairing with our sweet treats, but there are a lot of other great options. A scary good surprise wine that goes well with candy is Chardonnay. A dry wine is more difficult to pair with candy or sweet foods.

If the food is sweeter than the wine it will make the wine taste bitter. However, if the wine is a little more fruity, it may go nicely with the candy. Give an Almond Joy or Butterfinger a try.

An off-dry wine, like a Riesling, can be a little simpler to find a pairing. With a touch of residual sugar in the wine, it won’t compete as much with the candy. Try Skittles or Twizzlers with a fruit forward Riesling. Chocolate is a hallmark of Halloween, and a go-to pairing for red wines. Dark chocolate, with lower amounts of sugar, is a bit easier to pair.


Try Peppermint patties or junior mints with a Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. If you are testing your kid’s milk chocolate, try Pinot Noir or Merlot with a lower alcohol percentage (like 12.5 percent). White chocolate should be quality controlled with a yummy Prosecco or sparkling wine!

Here are some of our easy recommendations to keep your Halloween fun and take the spooky out of wine and candy pairing:

  • Dark chocolate bars paired with Copper & Thief Red Blend aged 3 months in whiskey bourbon barrels
  • Snickers bars paired with Fonseca 10-year Port
  • Skittles paired with Starlight Watermelon Moscato
  • Nerds paired with a bubbly, Chronic Spritz n’ Giggles
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups paired with Niner Pinot Noir
  • Candy Corn paired with Zombie Chardonnay
  • Red Licorice paired with Sean Minor 4 Bears Pinot Noir
  • Kit-Kats paired with Charles Smith The Velvet Devil
  • M&Ms paired with Gnarly Head Harvest Red Blend
  • 100 Grand Bar paired with … a Grand Cru Bordeaux, Chateau Carbonneiux

If Halloween has passed you by, grab some of that discount candy and restock your wine rack. We are dying to help. Remember, the only thing that should be scary about wine is not having enough!

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