Swiss light artist illuminates Wright Brothers Memorial

By on October 3, 2017

(George Wood photo)

World-renowned Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter, and his daughter Céline Hofstetter, of Hofstetter, Inc. Los Angeles lit up the night Sunday at Wright Brothers National Memorial, basking the pylon in a one-of-a-kind, free public light art show.

The “Light Art Grand Tour USA” is featuring a monument or landmark in each of the 50 states through 2019 to highlight the friendship between the United States and Switzerland.

The first powered flight in Switzerland took place less than seven years after Orville and Wilbur’s achievement on Big Kill Devil Hill, when a Wright Flyer took off from the frozen lake of St. Moritz in the Swiss Alps on March 10, 1910.


The tour stopped at Mount Vernon last month. A show will take place Oct. 11 at Arlington National Cemetery, when the Women’s Memorial will be illuminated.

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