$2,000 reward offered for info on recent vehicle break-ins

By on September 26, 2017

With an increase in reports of vehicle breaking-ins, Dare Community Crime Line is offering a one-time special reward of $2,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the individual or individuals responsible.

In addition, Crime Line will offer a $500 reward for the recovery of each gun that was stolen in the  break-ins.

About 11 guns have been stolen from vehicles during break-ins since August.


The reward will only be available to tipsters who provide information that leads to an arrest. Crime Line cannot pay for tips based on speculation or hearsay.

Tips must be related to break-in cases law enforcement are currently investigating. Cases of individual vehicle break-ins are not eligible for the $2,000 reward, but would be eligible for an independent reward consideration.

The extra rewards for the stolen guns must be related to guns reported stolen to law enforcement.

Crime Line hopes these special rewards will give an incentive for people to come forward and help.

Tipsters can remain anonymous and can contact Crime Line by visiting darecommunitycrimeline.org or by calling the tip-line at (252) 473-3111.


Crime Line also hopes to raise awareness about the increase in vehicle break-ins and encourages Dare County residents to lock their vehicles and not store valuables in plain sight.

The vast majority of the vehicle break-ins reported to law enforcement, and 90 percent of the break-ins in which a weapon was reported stolen were from vehicles that were left unlocked.



  • Obx

    Seems like leaving a weapon in a car especially an unlocked vehicle should be a crime just like a loaded gun around a child. Just my 2 cents

    Tuesday, Sep 26 @ 6:50 pm
  • Jo

    That is an alarming amount of Guns stolen from vehicles.

    Tuesday, Sep 26 @ 8:49 pm
  • dave

    Seriously? I mean, Really? Who in Hades would leave their gun (probably loaded) in their freaking car? What could possibly go wrong?

    Wednesday, Sep 27 @ 1:49 pm
  • Sans

    Are we moving towards a time when police start ticketing unlocked cars? Sounds like it might be necessary.

    Thursday, Sep 28 @ 9:24 am
  • Ohmyword

    Isn’t the first thing you are taught about guns to secure them? Seems there are a few too many people that either forgot this or just don’t care. Irresponsible gun owners shouldn’t be allowed to own guns. Are there any penalties for being this irresponsible?

    Thursday, Sep 28 @ 10:22 pm
  • Sandy

    Wow, I hope San’s comments to about tickets for unlocked cars was in jest. The thought that you could be fined for not securing your own property is as crazy as someone leaving a gun in a unlocked car.
    Gun ownership is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. As a second amendment supporter I still think someone foolish enough time to leave their guns in unlocked cars are not responsible enough to be issued a license

    Saturday, Sep 30 @ 7:35 am
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