Planning Board OK’s new design for Lidl store at Kelly’s site

By on September 19, 2017

The Nags Head plan, bottom. is a departure from the standard design.

A new plan for a 36,000-square-foot Lidl grocery store won the endorsement of the Nags Head Planning Board Tuesday and now heads to the town’s Board of Commissioners.

Significant changes were made to the store’s design after town planners and the Board of Adjustment rejected a proposal that included the discount chain’s signature wall of windows on the east side facing U.S. 158.

The new site plan shows the east wall now covered by 39 percent glass, below the 40 percent maximum allowed by the town’s design standards.


Dormers were added to break up the roof line, and a porch runs along the length of the building’s front side, a feature intended to give buildings more of a coastal Nags Head look.

While the new plan included preserving several of the mature live oaks on the site, the Planning Board urged the company to try to save as many as possible.

It also concurred with a recommendation by the North Carolina Department of Transportation that Carolinian Circle on the north side of the site be limited to right turns only onto U.S. 158. One of the entrances to the store would be on Carolinian Circle while the main entrance would intersect with U.S. 158.

In June, after the planning staff turned down plans for a Lidl similar to those in other areas, the Board of Adjustment said that putting louvers over the windows was not enough.

Under the latest design, the north and south walls would be made of stucco and brick. The west wall would be primarily stucco with 11 percent coverage in windows.


The store would be built on two lots totaling 10.5 acres that include Kelly’s Outer Banks Restaurant and Tavern and Kelly’s Professional Building.

Lidl is aggressively expanding in North Carolina and has built a distribution center in Mebane near Burlington. It would join Publix, which is building a store in Kill Devil Hills, in expanding the grocery choices on the Outer Banks.


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Steve Johnson

Tuesday, Sep 26 11:09 pm

@ Forbes Kennedy…Thank you

Forbes Kennedy

Saturday, Sep 23 1:43 pm

Steve Johnson: Obviously, I will stay away; I think that was patently clear in my message. Point is (and, frankly, I really vacationed up in Duck and Corolla), there is indeed the yin-yang of townies and tourists. Fair to say, without the tourism, the towns would exist as they did in the past as little fishing villages. Without the tourism, there would be no reason for all the grocery stores; Dare County only has 36k people in toto.
Where will it go? Will other chains close up shop (Food Lion, etc.)? Who knows?
Perhaps one man’s “progress” is another man’s “regress.”
However, you can continue with your mantra of “if you don’t like it, don’t come here.” For, indeed, that is what certain folks will do.

Kevin Rose

Friday, Sep 22 7:44 pm

I live in Greenville, right up the street from the new one here. The prices are in line with Walmart in every department. I just don’t think Nags Head needs this.


Friday, Sep 22 4:38 pm

Half of the locals under the age of 50 living here on the Outer Banks had rather see 3 new bars open than one new grocery store. Its the nature of this drunken drug ridden hell hole.

Stan Clough

Friday, Sep 22 11:39 am

Competition in the marketplace for items we all buy and use every day is a good thing.

Steve Johnson

Thursday, Sep 21 8:33 pm

@ Forbes Kennedy…No need for the retirement home threats.

If you or anyone else do not like the progress the local towns of the Outer Banks are making…simply stay away.


Thursday, Sep 21 3:38 pm

I don’t know anyone down here who’s excited about another grocery store, but was there any doubt this was inevitable. And as Paul in the comments already said – there are far too many grocery stores, banks, and of course, Wings.


Thursday, Sep 21 1:42 pm

This is bullet from the Lidl website:
“You’ll notice while shopping at Lidl that most of our assortment is our own private label – around 90% of our products, in fact. This means we’ve especially developed these products to match our high standards and allows us direct oversight of product integrity. Each product undergoes a rigorous testing regimen, which includes taste, quality and sensory testing”.
Oh boy, can’t wait to shop there with ALL of those choices – NOT!


Thursday, Sep 21 8:39 am

@BJG…It is not just another grocer, but instead one that has significantly better pricing than all of the others.

@Paul…permits are based on established land use and zoning requirements. You could have 20 grocery stores and banks in a row and so long as they meet all of the requirements they can be built. The Zoning and Planning boards cannot arbitrarily pick and choose what businesses go where. If those were the rules we would be living in North Korea, Iran, pre-Cold War Russia etc.

Forbes Kennedy

Thursday, Sep 21 7:43 am

Another message to me for next year….when I purchase a retirement home, it will not be in OBX, which I had intended to do until I saw the changes over the years. I’ve been going there for 30 years and it’s kind of like seeing a relative once a year: you notice the changes more markedly.

Steve Gibbons

Thursday, Sep 21 7:41 am

we need another grocery store like we need a cat 5 hurricane….enough already!


Wednesday, Sep 20 6:48 pm

Grocery stores and banks … it boggles my mind how many banks there are , let alone Wings … how do they get permits to build them so close to each other ?? Sorry to see Kelly’s go ! Gotta agree that new LIDL’s design is ugly !


Wednesday, Sep 20 6:10 pm

Nags Head’s design looks like crap. Yea for the socialist state of Nags Head.


Wednesday, Sep 20 12:36 pm

Great news. This store will put a hurt on all of the other grocer’s. Same products at lower prices, and not just a few pennies lower.

I could care less about the LEED and water source recovery stuff. The LEED system is gamed and everyone knows it.


Wednesday, Sep 20 11:56 am

Pretty design….pretty ugly.


Wednesday, Sep 20 8:25 am

Great – Just what we need…another grocery store. NOT!

Ann Phelps

Tuesday, Sep 19 11:05 pm

Rather have Kelly’s but I guess that ship has sailed😟


Tuesday, Sep 19 7:50 pm

is it LEED platinum? water source VRF heat recovery?

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