Exercise your group’s smarts at OB-XSCAPE Rooms

By on August 11, 2017

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon cutting at OB-XSCAPE Rooms in Southern Shores. (Outer Banks Chamber)

Need to escape?

OB-XSCAPE Rooms, which recently opened in Southern Shores, offers an escape from the heat and the beach, along with some rainy day fun.

Owners Ray and Christina Jamieson wanted a family-owned and operated business, and settled on escape rooms, which have become popular for families, groups and organizations.


Each of OB-XSCAPE Rooms’ four themed escape rooms have integrated technology to provide a real-life adventure game in which participants are figuratively locked in a room and must solve a series of puzzles, discover hidden clues, and make logical connections in to find the way out within an hour.

“Escape rooms are great for date nights, family time, and friends getting together, as well as any time to beat the heat or to have fun on rainy days,” Christina Jamieson said. “Escape rooms are also an activity the office can enjoy on either retreats and team building or staff evaluations.”

The couple wrote and developed all of the escape rooms at OB-XSCAPE, with the exception of Meltdown, which was created by Wicked Escape in Boston.

Three escape rooms are open — Mutiny on the Lark, the Cold Case Murder of Dawn Renee and Meltdown. Raptor Revenge will open in early fall, and plans are also in the works for Sleeper Cell, a mobile escape room that will be able to travel to special events and festivals.

The Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce recently held a ribbon cutting for OB-XSCAPE Rooms. Outer Banks Chamber Board Chair Brent Tomlinson opened the event and thanked Ray and Christina Jamieson for joining the Chamber.


For more information about the business, visit OB-XSCAPE Rooms.

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