Concealed-carry permits bring education, safety advantages

By on May 21, 2017

Is this gun legally stored? A concealed carry class will teach you the right answer. ( Russ Lay)

By Jason Belangia-The Gun Shack

Unless a bill introduced this session is passed, North Carolina still requires a permit issued by the state to conceal a weapon, whether on your person or in a vehicle.

But even if you never plan to carry a concealed weapon, there are other reasons to consider obtaining a concealed-carry permit for handguns. One of the primary reasons involves transporting a handgun in a vehicle.


You can’t just put your weapon anywhere inside a vehicle when taking it to the range or even to the Gun Shack for inspection or maintenance. And the laws can be tricky here and subject to broad interpretation by law enforcement.

If you are stopped by law enforcement and your handgun is not in plain sight, are you concealing it without a permit, or merely securing it? Likewise, when you park your vehicle, you wouldn’t leave your weapon in plain sight. Which again brings up the question in an encounter with law enforcement: Did placing your weapon under the seat when you left the car constitute illegal concealment or merely good judgment?

Obtaining a concealed-carry permit eliminates that confusion, for you and law enforcement. With the permit, you can place your gun anywhere you wish — in the console, the dash, under the seat or in a car seat pocket.

Purchasing handguns is another reason to consider a concealed-carry permit.

Buying a handgun in North Carolina requires either a pistol “permission to buy” permit, issued by the sheriff’s office in the county where you reside, or a concealed-carry permit.


To obtain the permission-to-buy permit, one must fill out a fair amount of paperwork, deliver it to the sheriff’s office and wait for them to tell you to come pick them up.

They cost $5 per permit and they will only sell you five at one time, so if you are a collector or purchase guns more often, you’ll need to go back and buy more permits.

While the process to obtain a concealed-carry permit involves more paperwork and a day of classroom and field instructions, once obtained, you merely present the permit to a licensed firearm seller along with your driver’s license or other acceptable picture ID and you’re on your way — sale completed and weapon in hand.


But the most important reason to obtain your concealed-carry permit, in my opinion, is for the education you will receive. The North Carolina Department of Justice has rules governing who is qualified to teach these courses and provides strict guidelines mandating the coursework and requirements for the students to earn their permit.

A properly run class takes an entire day and includes four hours of firearms safety and familiarization, four hours of legal instruction, with detailed information on what constitutes the legitimate use of a firearm in the act of self-defense.

A written test is required, then a trip to a range for a shooting proficiency test.

With these blocks of teaching material, everyone that has come to one of our classes has learned something they didn’t know. It could be how different guns work, or what laws pertaining to guns are and how they affect you in any number of situations.

At the Gun Shack, we take the coursework seriously.

You might hear about some courses that are “easy” or shorten the curriculum. You should avoid them. The mandated information is important and can provide information that can save your life or keep you out of serious trouble with the law if you use your weapon improperly, especially in so-called self-defense scenarios.

The Gun Shack offers at least one class a month.

Stop by our store at 8598 Caratoke Highway, Powell’s Point, call us at 252-491-5174 or check out our website at


  • acumen


    Typical response/opinion of a Democrat. It’s not the person’s fault, it’s the evil guns and bullets.

    Too even put that gun owner’s are blame others when you are blaming an inanimate object for decisions made by people.

    Friday, Jun 16 @ 3:05 pm
  • Greg

    Too many guns among us, period. Just why does one need to carry a gun? It has to be a hassle to always try to keep track of it. Kind of like ” now just where did I put my sunglasses?” These guns purchased legally find their way onto the black market as money can be made selling them to nefarious elements.

    Tuesday, Jul 4 @ 8:55 am
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