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Feb 17

Netflix series ‘Tidying Up’ sparks joy at Hotline thrift stores

The show, which promises to help people “tidy their spaces by choosing joy,” may have contributed in an uptick of donations to Outer Banks Hotline’s five thrift stores, keeping staff busier than usual after the holidays.

Young humpback whale washes up near Oregon Inlet

A 38-foot juvenile humpback whale washed up on the beach near Oregon Inlet Tuesday morning. The male humpback was spotted floating off Jennette's Pier on Monday, and again north of  Nags Head later in the day.

As floods worsen, tide is shifting in climate-change debate

For the past few years, inside and outside the walls of the state legislature, there’s been a noticeable shift in the conversation about climate change and its impact in North Carolina. Much of it stems from personal experiences, new research shows.

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