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Mar 26

Big weather change will bring 50 mph gusts and high surf

A wind advisory posted by the National Weather Service through 6 p.m Wednesday says that gusts of up to 50 mph are possible. Winds will be from the north to northeast at 25 to 35 mph for next couple of days.

Bill clears the way for new COA campus on Roanoke Island

The COA plans call for tearing down the old Russell Twiford campus building and replacing it for $7.5 million. State bond money will cover $1.5 million. Demolition will cost an additional $1 million.

Prep for beach re-nourishment in Nags Head to start soon

Great Lakes representatives said they plan to start mobilizing equipment before the end of the March and begin construction in mid- to late-April. The company's dredges the Ellis Island and Liberty Island will work the project.

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