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Jun 24

A few things worth knowing about sharks in North Carolina

By Katelyn Vause Coastwatch Currents Many people are surprised to learn that “North Carolina is a very sharky place,” notes Chuck Bangley, a researcher now with the Smithsonian. North Carolina Sea Grant funded several of his shark research projects while he was earning his doctorate at East Carolina University, and he now is working on […]

Sea Breeze Drive Access in Duck. Is the access private as the Sand Dollar Shores HOA asserts or is it public according to Bob Hovey?

Did original deeds give public access through private land in Duck?

As Bob Hovey approaches the path to the beach he had his cellphone recording and he was confronted by a man and a woman who tell him he is not permitted to use the access and that they own the property.

Shoaled-up emergency ferry channel unusable for storm season

An update from Steve Shriver of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers confirmed that the emergency ferry route from Rodanthe Harbor to Stumpy Point Harbor reaches a depth of only 8 feet maximum -- not nearly enough for the state's boats to use.

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