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Teen medevaced from charter boat in Oregon Inlet

An 18-year-old crewmember of the Crystal Dawn was reported to be having trouble breathing, and was medevaced by the Coast Guard. full story »

Jun 21

Sturgeon status likely to add snags to dredging

A new federal classification of the sturgeon as an endangered species could include restrictions on commercial fishing gear and inlet dredging. full story »

Apr 8

Atlantic sturgeon: An ancient giant stirs up debate

Starting Friday the full weight of the U.S. government was put behind protection of what remains of a ancient fish whose ancestors swam among dinosaurs. full story »

Apr 5

Sturgeons add another headache to inlet fixes

Plans are in place for clearing trouble spots along Hatteras Inlet channels, but money will still be tight, the Corps of Engineers says. full story »

Feb 27

Hatteras, Oregon inlets receive emergency funding

Emergency federal funding to fix damage from Hurricane Irene includes Oregon Inlet and Rollinson Channel, the ferry route between Hatteras and Ocracoke. full story »

Feb 9

Moon Tillett: Inlet debate goes back 70 years

Moon Tillett, a commercial fisherman who has spent his life on the water, offers his perspective on the history and future of the industry and Oregon Inlet. full story »

Jan 21

Congressman wants disaster funds for inlet dredging

U.S. Rep. Walter Jones has asked the Army Corps of Engineers to use recently approved spending for Oregon Inlet dredging. full story »

Jan 12

Charting the perilous channel

A ride to Oregon Inlet with the Corps of Engineers Survey Team offers a look at what it takes to keep the channel open.

Dec 19

Inlet update: Battle with shoaling is a draw, at best

A dredge has made some headway on the clogged channel, but the long-term outlook for Oregon Inlet is not good, a county panel was told Tuesday. full story »

Nov 30

Clear sailing short-lived at Oregon, Hatteras inlets

Hurricane Irene cleared the channel at Oregon Inlet at the end of August. Now, shoaling is as bad as ever, with depths of less than 3 feet in some spots. full story »

Nov 16

Legal shoals

Plans for jetties to stabilize Oregon Inlet fell by the wayside in the face of dozens of laws and executive orders.

Sep 25

Hurricane Irene did one heck of a dredging job

In the days after the hurricane, aerial photos showed a wider, deeper channel was created when the sound-side storm surge rushed out the narrow opening. full story »

Sep 9