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Coastal sketch: Marc Basnight’s rise to power

Retired Senate leader Marc Basnight deftly wielded political capital, dispensing favors to those who earned them while sometimes punishing others. full story »

Feb 16

Coastal sketch: Marc Basnight, squire of Manteo

In a rare interview, the longtime Senate leader from Manteo talks about his political career before a diagnosis of Lou Gherig's disease led to his retirement. full story »

Feb 13

Outer Banks A.B.

From Oregon Inlet to possible ferry tolls, problems are mounting since the departure of state Sen. Marc Basnight. full story »

Apr 10

Stan White takes nomination to succeed Basnight

Former Dare County Commissioner Stan White won the nomination Friday night to succeed outgoing state Sen. Marc Basnight. full story »

Jan 21

Democrats set meeting to pick Basnight successor

Democrats have set their meeting to choose a successor to state Sen. Marc Basnight for next Friday in Tyrrell County. Basnight will step down Jan. 25. full story »

Jan 14

Can Dare Democrats withstand Hurricane Arthur?

On Saturday, Arthur Williams pulled off a strategic coup that may have thrust him into the role of frontrunner to succeed Marc Basnight. full story »

Jan 10

System shuts the voters out from a rare moment

Now that Marc Basnight has made his resignation official, let the grumbling begin about how things will play out. Voters will be excluded. full story »

Jan 9

Prospects for Basnight’s seat begin to emerge

On the heels of state Sen. Marc Basnight’s resignation, speculation now centers on who will replace him. full story »

Jan 6

Marc Basnight will leave state Senate on Jan. 25

State Sen. Marc Basnight, the longest-serving Senate leader in the state's history, said Tuesday he will resign at the end of the month. full story »

Jan 4

Basnight plans to retire after one more Senate term

A week after winning his seat back but losing the Senate presidency, state Sen. Marc Basight of Dare County says he will retire after one more term. full story »

Nov 10

Basnight to lose clout, but his impact will endure

The Dare County Democrat hung on to his 14th term in Senate District 1 Tuesday, but he suffered a big loss in the statewide elections. full story »

Nov 8

Basnight wants a full local ban on plastic bags

Banning plastic bags at supermarkets and other big stores on the Outer Banks has made enough of a difference, State Senate President Marc Basnight believes, that he wants to go a step farther. full story »

Jun 8