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Nuisance issue may land in Supreme Court

Coastal communities are lining up behind Nags Head as it seeks a North Carolina Supreme Court hearing on enforcement of state law along its beaches. full story »

May 7

A good call on beach nourishment

When beach nourishment come before elected officials, it is not often that they are sitting in the catbird seat.

Apr 17

Beach widening in KDH is years off – if it happens

Commissioners have approved a study to gather more information, but they say they are not ready to decide when or if to proceed with beach nourishment. full story »

Apr 10

Dare no longer in a rush to raise occupancy tax

A 1 percent hike in the occupancy is on hold until the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners decides where it wants to go with plans to widen the town's beaches. full story »

Apr 8

Longtime consultant will track Nags Head erosion

Nags Head plans to re-sign the company that led its beach-widening project to another five-year contract to monitor how the shoreline fares against erosion. full story »

Mar 28

New rules for sand funds leave room to maneuver

New rules for doling out Dare County shoreline management money put an emphasis on public beach access but leave plenty of wiggle room for exceptions. full story »

Feb 19

Commission wrestles with rules for sand funding

Public access to the beach is the key issue in establishing a policy for doling out money to towns from the county Shoreline Management Fund. full story »

Oct 23

Access question

Requiring public access to qualify for Dare County Shoreline Management Fund money is a good idea but a little too late.

Sep 27

Sand losses assessed as beach widening resumes

As another major storm ramps up in the Atlantic, crews have moved quickly to resume widening the beach in Nags Head. full story »

Sep 6

Director outlines likely impact on beach project

Tim Kana, president of Coastal Science and Engineering and director of Nags Head's beach nourishment project, provides his analysis of Irene's potential effect. full story »

Aug 26

Sand funding likely to hinge on public access

Providing public access would be a condition for receiving Shoreline Management Fund money to widen beaches under a new policy being developed by Dare County. full story »

Aug 16

No public access, no sand funding, mayor says

Kill Devil Hills Mayor Ray Sturza is raising questions about spending public money on improviing beaches with no public access. full story »

Jun 22