Sep 25

Weeping Radish: Oktoberfest beer, a herald of autumn

Another herald of autumn is Oktoberfest Beer, although recently it seems to be in a race with Pumpkin Spice Latte to be the first fall beverage on the shelf! Whatever happened to delayed gratification?

Sep 23

Snob-Free Zone


Bright and refreshing beers tailored for summer sipping

In general, we find a lot of bright and refreshing beers that are brewed to be lower in alcohol for long sessions of drinking. Wheats, session IPAs and fruit-flavored beers own this time of year.

Jul 31


Try some of these great recipes with great olive oil

Selecting an olive oil, like picking out a wine, can be a daunting task. I remember many times standing in front of the array of olive oils at a supermarket and really not knowing what I was looking at.

Jun 27


Shrubs: An old tradition makes a comeback at the bar

What exactly is a shrub?  In terms of mixed drinks, a shrub refers to a cocktail or soft drink that was popular during the colonial era, made by mixing vinegar syrup with spirits, water or carbonated water.

May 4

Brewery, Butchery & Pub


Summer brews, but not before noon on Sundays

The Bitter Bee has arrived in cans, bottles, and kegs. This honeyed IPA balances the bitter citrus hop flavors against the sweet floral honey with a truly refreshing result. Perfect for cooling down in this steamy weather.

Jul 27


Packaging the brew is an art unto itself

The first bottles we had were the one-liter flip top bottles. We still have them today. Unlike growlers filled directly from the tap, our bottles are counter-filled with CO2 in the brewery to give them shelf stability.

Jun 19


Quality meats facing outsized regulations

Imagine driving across the country with a policeman in the passenger seat ticketing you for any and all violations -- that’s pretty much what we’re dealing with.

May 7

Rosie Hawthorne's Recipes

Glorious summer perfection: Peach recipes you’ll love

To celebrate the peach, I have a quartet of recipes for you – peach ice cream, a peach tart, peach syrup on waffles, and a peach crisp. Please enjoy the best summer has to offer.

Jul 26

Rosie Hawthorne’s recipes: And the beet goes on!

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Oh, can I have your beets?” I didn’t think so. But after eating this intense and earthy concoction, you might just find yourself saying it. Try this salad with my vinaigrette dressing.

Jun 29

Rose Hawthorne’s recipes: ‘Red beans and ricely yours’

Red beans and rice. Such a simple, basic dish. A dish with variations on a theme. And a dish with history. I love it when my food comes with a history lesson. When I think about red beans and rice, I think about New Orleans cooking.

Apr 26

What's for Supper with Sharon Peele Kennedy: Crab Cakes
"Charbroiled Oysters" Bringin it Home With Jim Trotman
Max TV - Wedding Weekend
Max TV - Beethoven Fish



Single Fin: Another milestone in a stellar OBX career

Ever since Chef Phongrit Choeichom let word out he’d be creating a full-scale sit-down restaurant, the opening of Single Fin Bistro Bar & Grill has been one of the most anticipated happenings on the culinary scene here in some time.

Jun 29


La Dolce Vita: Great tastes of Italy in the heart of Corolla

The chef is the utterly charming Anne-Marie Marzetti. She opened La Dolce Vita eight years ago and co-owns the restaurant with her mother, Barb. The Italian cooking springs from her father’s parents, who both hail from Italy.

Jun 11


Dawn’s Kitchen: The pleasure of dining out while eating in

After a setback, Dawn and Sonny Holcomb are qoing strong with Dawn's Kitchen catering. The Currituck-based business recently participated in the Pop Up Oceanfront Restaurant, a new feature of Taste of the Beach.

Apr 30


Cooler fall temps call for toasty lagers and brown ales

Fall is probably the most diverse and exciting season of the year when it comes to seasonal beer offerings. From the caramel tones of brown ales to the malty sweetness of Oktoberfest beers, great flavors abound.

Sep 17

Rosie Hawthorne’s Recipes: Oh, the pastabilities

Imported Italian pasta is vastly superior to domestic pasta. One is able to cook the imported pasta to that perfect degree of toothy tenderness -- al dente. It swells considerably, meaning it will go farther.

Sep 11

Buffalo City Jug Shop: Craft beers and a downtown vibe

By making craft beer geeky, Morgan is emphasizing that it is cool and approachable -- the very opposite of the wine snobs often imagined guarding the gates of the wine world.

Aug 29

Video recipe: Sharon Peele Kennedy’s foolproof shrimp

Without the right technique, shrimp can end up mealy, bland and hard to peel. Sharon Peele Kennedy offers a cooking method that is so straightforward, you can dazzle your family and guests with ease.

Aug 10