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Rosie has her eyes on Thanksgiving pies

The Hawthornes’ Thanksgiving dinner is an ongoing feast. There’s a beautiful, bronzed turkey, of course, and a clove-studded ham with pineapple and maraschino cherries and a brown sugar/honey glaze. Then there are the desserts.

20 hrs


Plan calls for Waterfront Shops in Duck to expand

Owner Jim Braithwaite of Allis Holdings LLC is proposing three modest shops and one smaller one to be constructed along the western side of the pond on the southern portion of the complex.

Nov 16


Josephine’s: An intimate taste of fine Italian dining

Truly a family business, Cosimo and sons, “Sonny” Girolamo Santino and “Vinny” Vincenzo Antonio, keep the kitchen bustling, while Josephine herself runs the wait staff and front of the house.

Nov 20


GOP rout capped 10-year shift from Democratic machine

Prior to 2000, if you wanted to be involved in the power structure of Dare County you were, in public, a Democrat. Republicans were virtually non-existent as an organized group

Nov 13


Help Nags Head plan the new Dowdy Park this Thursday

Nags Head is encouraging citizens to attend the first public meeting for the Dowdy Park design, which will be held on Thursday, Nov. 20 at 5:30 p.m. in the Board of Commissioners meeting room.

Nov 17


Yellowstone resource director to lead Outer Banks Group

Dave Hallac has managed the Yellowstone Center for Resources for the past three years. He will start his new assignment at Cape Hatteras in early January 2015, according to a National park Service statement.

Nov 16


Historian to portray Teddy Roosevelt and Walter Raleigh

Jenkinson was featured prominently in the Ken Burns documentary The Roosevelts. He was one of the several historians Burns consulted as he developed chapters on the life of our 26th president.

Nov 11

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Our two cents worth of advice for the new Dare Board

Voter’s wanted change, but our guess is that passing symbolic resolutions about refusing residence to illegal immigrant minors with no parents in the country, or tilting at U.N. windmills or same-sex marriage aren’t why folks put you in office.

Nov 7


Acclaimed Latham work featured at Seaside Gallery

The award-winning Lathams are renowned for their realistic expression of wildlife with mesmerizing detail in their paintings of animals, birds and nature. It is as if one can reach into the painting and pet the animals’ fur.

Nov 1


Monster mailers are making my house a political landfill

There appears to be no escape from the cascade of political fliers filling our mailboxes this election season, and they continue to grow and breed. In the beginning, there were postcards, which tend to give you that warm, wish-you-were here feeling.

Oct 30

cancer dive

Take a break from politics and plunge into this story

Tired of political mailers, advertising and news stories about the upcoming elections? So read the following story and watch the video for some good news that benefitted a great cause.

Oct 29


Church and state: Moral high ground can sink to exclusion

I am Jewish. It is important to know this because it helps in understanding the feelings I experienced when I met a local candidate for office. Her campaign signs line the road: "Conservative, Christian," they declare.

Oct 28