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Dozens of ocean rescues start off the week on local beaches

Lifeguards along the Outer Banks had to pull dozens of swimmers out of powerful rips currents Monday after heavy surf and east winds over the weekend made conditions dangerous for beach-goers.

18 hrs

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Boom was Navy; floating orbs apparently Chinese lanterns

A loud boom and floating orange orbs were the talk of the beach this morning, but we can safely confirm that UFOs are not just over the horizon. The Navy told WAVY news that the source of the boom was a training exercise offshore.

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New formula sinks Mid-Currituck Bridge, other local projects

According to state Rep. Paul Tine, the North Carolina Department of Transportation's District 1, which covers northeastern North Carolina, will not see any projects move forward under the new ranking system.

Jul 20

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Booms are one thing, but what were those bright orbs?

Reports are that a loud boom or series of booms last night were Navy exercises, but numerous people on the Outer Banks also reported seeing bright orbs rising above the ocean at about the same time.

22 min

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Navy exercises the cause of loud boom over Outer Banks

The Navy said the loud boom heard Tuesday night around 9:30 p.m. over the Outer Banks was related to training exercises, WAVY-TV reported.

14 hrs


Meet the man at the helm of the Hatteras fishing fleet

If anything illustrates Ernie Foster’s fishing heritage on Hatteras Island, it’s the Albatross Fleet’s net house, a weathered wooden building near the family home and graveyard.

Jul 6


Hatteras Island reopens to all at 4 p.m.; Ocracoke still limited

Conditions on the Bonner Bridge and N.C. 12 have allowed for the re-opening of Hatteras Island to everyone starting at 4 p.m. Access was planned in stages, starting with permanent residents and essential business personnel.

Jul 5


Hurricane Arthur, July 4, 2014

Hurricane Arthur moved out quickly the morning of July 4. But the storm left behind some flooding and cleanup for the Outer Banks. The day in video and pictures.

Jul 4

Arthur races through OBX; northern beaches reopen

A shift west in the forecast track for Hurricane Arthur means the the barrier islands could be hit in the next six hours with the more powerful eastern side of the storm.

Jul 3


Arthur’s top winds near 90 mph; Category 2 forecast for OBX

A few miles east or west will make a big difference. A track further inland could possible create a Hurricane Irene scenario, with southwest winds putting pressure on the back side of northern Hatteras Island.

Jul 3


Arthur now a Hurricane; Hatteras Island evacuation begins

A hurricane warning was posted at 5 p.m. today for the entire region as Tropical Storm Arthur began forming an eye wall and computer models showed a shift in the storm's track to the west.

Jul 2


N.C. 12 a big question as track tightens for approaching Arthur

Hatteras Island is under a hurricane watch as Tropical Storm Arthur continues on a forecast path that takes it to the Outer Banks Friday morning. A tropical storm watch is up north of Oregon Inlet.

Jul 2