OBX Skeeter Beater expands sales, garners award

By on April 25, 2013

skeeterR&B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater realized a virtual explosion in sales during 2012 and its owners say they are looking forward to even an more successful 2013.

With sales barely registering in 2010 and 2011, Skeeter Beater realized dramatic sales last year. The company attributed the increase to an aggressive dealer program established by owners Ron Weintraub and Rebecca Sherrod.

“The superb performance of this product along with strong word of mouth referrals for this insect repellent drove sales through the roof,” Weintraub said in a press release. “Demand for the product has been phenomenal.”

Business spotlight

In the summer of 2012, R & B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater won the FAB 5 Award for the Best New Product at the Oriental Boat Show in Oriental, N.C.

The product is a 100 percent natural insect repellent. It is DEET free, but extremely effective and safe for humans and animals, according to Weintraub.

“As the demand for ‘green’ products continues to increase, we felt that our product would be a perfect match for a market that has yet been tapped,” Sherrod said. “We knew once people saw and tried the repellent, they would fall in love with it.”

R & B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater is just the first of many all natural insect repelling products the company has created.

By far the most popular of their products, their Skeeter Beater product is available in 1-ounce bottles and 4-ounce bottles (coming soon 2-ounce bottles) and repels mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, no-see-ums, black flies, chiggers and the dreaded aggravating gnats.

The company has also developed insect repellents for domestic and farm animals, aftercare products for humans and animals, cobweb eliminator, ant and roach eliminators, weed killers and insect control for vegetable plants and indoor plant care products.

Soon to be introduced will be a product to prevent infestation of the newest threat of insects, the bed bug.

Currently in testing, the product has already been tested and proven to eradicate bed bugs without toxic chemicals, harsh smells or after effects, and will be available by Spring of 2013.” The new product is called Sweet Dreams Bug-A-Bye Eradicator”

The company was founded in 2001 when consumer demand for green products to control insects first emerged.

R&B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater has a co-marketing partnership with Wes-J Manufacturing Co. of Hertford, North Carolina.

For more information, contact Wes-J Manufacturing at (800) 635-1690

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