Sanctuary Vineyards unveils new releases

By on March 21, 2013

wineSanctuary Vineyards in Jarvisburg recently hosted a special wine tasting for local restaurant owners, distributors and retail wine shop owners.

In addition to its current wide variety of reds, whites, roses and sweet wines from North Carlina, Sanctuary introduced two new offerings.

The first is a very limited production one of a stand-along Cabernet Franc. The wine expressed plum notes and the palate, moderate tanins and exemplified one of the better Cabernet Francs out there. Most often, this varietal is used in blending.

Only 25 cases of the Cabernet Franc were made. Another red from the Italian varietal Aglianico was also debuted. This wine had a nice, peppery taste and some backbone and should go well with lamb dishes or even pizza.

Sanctuary Vineyards has stepped up both its marketing and activities at the winery, including live music, wine festivals and more tastings.

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