Court officials encourage paying tickets online

By on January 28, 2013

Drivers who receive traffic citations in North Carolina are saving time by paying citation fees and related costs online at rather than going to the courthouse to pay.

A relatively new system, payNCticket, accepts payments for traffic and other offenses that will not be contested in a court of law.

“Our new payNCticket online payment system has become the preferred method of payment for waivable traffic offenses,” said Clerk of Superior Court Merlee T. Austin. “Citizens conveniently may make their payment from anywhere internet connectivity is available. I encourage citizens not wanting to appear in court regarding their traffic citation to save gas and time and go online to pay.”

The payNCticket system was built by the judicial branch’s N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts (NCAOC) to provide benefits to both citizens and court officials and staff. In addition to providing a more convenient payment option for citizens, payNCticket allows for quicker disposition of cases because of its automatic updates of case records.

Statewide, the payNCticket program has saved citizens hundreds of thousands of hours, and it has saved courthouse staff more than 7,600 hours by eliminating the need to manually take receipts. Nearly 56 percent of waived offenses are paid using payNCticket.

In 2012, more than 123,000 waived offenses across the state were processed via the online system. Dare County received 3,593 payments for waived offenses in 2012 via payNCticket for a total collected $801,309.50.

Prior to payNCticket, Dare County citizens had to pay fines and related court costs by going to the courthouse to pay in cash or by mailing a money order or cashier’s check payment.

Not only has payNCticket provided an extremely easy and convenient means of payment for the citizens of Dare County, it has also offered our tourist a much better way of taking care of any payable citations they have received during their visit to Dare County.

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