An OBX Christmas: Puzzles and pranks

By on December 13, 2012

With all the new technology available and almost everybody glued to their smart phones, Puzzles, Pranks and Games offers entertainment that will give the entire family time together.

“The games are interactive and family oriented. There’s nothing electronic or that requires batteries. They really promote conversations and interactions with other players,” said Susan Koester, the owner of Puzzles, Pranks and Games.

The name Puzzles, Pranks and Games is a fair summary of what shoppers will find. Puzzles for children and adults and for every skill level fill the store. The puzzles are high quality from brand names such as Ravensberger, Springbok and White Mountain. In shaped puzzles, they have Paper House Products.

The store also features a collection of Outer Banks-themed puzzles from Heritage Co. of Winstom Salem, N.C. The puzzles are designed by artist William Mangum.

Puzzlers of any level will find something satisfying. Puzzles ranging from 100 to 3,2000 pieces with different designs, including holiday picture puzzles.

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Children’s shaped puzzles include brands from Melissa and Doug as well as animal 100-piece travel puzzles from Re-marks.

Many games for children as well as adults take up the middle racks and the left side of the store. Award-winning multilevel logic games from Smart Game, Find It and Blue Orange give shoppers plenty of choices to encourage learning while having good time.

A section of “Brain Teaser” games is very attractive. Quiddler, for example, is a short word spelling game played with cards. Brain Quests is a game with questions and answers for children ages 3 to 9.

Along the adult lines, they carry a lot of card games, including bridge sets, Monopoly, poker, checkers, Mah Jong, dice games to name a few.

A line of modern pranks takes up a shelf on the left side of the store.

“This summer visitors would buy pranks on Saturdays when they checked in. Then on Tuesdays or Wednesdays the people who had the pranks played on them would come in to get revenge,” Koester said.

They’re not kind of pranks that would hurt anybody. “The whoopee cushion is the most popular. You’ll have kids sitting on it all da ylong and they think it’s funny,” she said.

A rack of Windup Toys attracts children to play while their parents shop. PPG carries Webkinz stuffed animals. What makes them different from most stuffed animals is the secret code hidden inside which allows children to enter their toy in an online game.

A 20-percent off sale will run during holiday season for locals and teachers.

PPG has been selling entertaining games for over 15 years. Suzan Koester, the fifth owner, took over last July. She’s kept the name and continues to carry almost all the same items. But plans to expand. going to expand services. Starting in January, she’ll custom print picture puzzles.

“You can bring your family pictures and we’ll turn it into a puzzle,” she said.

PPG offers custom framing on all completed puzzles and free gift wrapping.

The store is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The store offers shipping through USPS for phone and online orders.

Puzzles, Pranks and Games is located at 3810 N. Croatan Hwy. in Kitty Hawk. For more information visit

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