Aquarium features nature photographer Jeff Lewis

By on October 9, 2012

American Robin (Jeff Lewis photo)

A stunning sample of Jeff Lewis’ wildlife photography will be exhibited through Jan. 4 in the Nautilus Gallery at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island.

“Nature Photographs by Jeff Lewis” comprises representative examples of color work by this perceptive and prolific local artist.

Lewis first picked up a camera less than a decade ago, but has made up for lost time. Hundreds of his nature photographs have been published in books, magazines and newspapers.

His work has also appeared on television and at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, the North Carolina Estuarium in Washington, Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, the Elizabethan Gardens and Roanoke Island Festival Park.

Garden and nursery manager at the Elizabethan Gardens and avid bird-watcher since childhood, Lewis has lived on the Outer Banks 24 years.

His exhibition covers a wide range of subjects from shorebirds to songbirds. His approach combines the seasoned eye of a naturalist with the excitement of exploring a medium still relatively new to him.

“It is a huge thrill to see something new or beautiful and then record that moment,” he said. “My photography is inspired by my fascination and admiration for wildlife, and by my desire to share my experiences with others. If my work can help educate the public, especially children, about nature, then that is a big plus!”

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