Flooding fix at Manteo Furniture may cost $100,000

By on April 27, 2012

A collapsed pipe under Manteo Furniture causes storm water to back up. (Town of Manteo)

Manteo will need to come up with as much as $100,000 to fix a flooding problem downtown.

The source of the backup after storms is a collapsed pipe under Manteo Furniture between Budleigh and Sir Walter Raleigh streets.

Only about 5 percent of the water moves through the crumbled conduit, part of a downtown patchwork of pipes and drainage ditches, some of which date back nearly a century.

Water backs up into nearby yards and streets and sits until it soaks back into the ground.

Estimates for repairs come in at about $75,000, town officials say. But without literally digging into the problem they won’t know for sure. So $100,000 was set as the high end of the fixes.

Drainage would be rerouted down Essex Avenue.

Shannon Twiddy, assistant town manager in charge of finance, said paying for the job with property taxes would add 1.75 cents to the current rate of 23.5 cents per $100 of value.

But the money could also come from the town’s fund balance, or savings account, and the possibility of grants will also be explored.

Town Manager Kermit Skinner told the Board of Commissioners last week that the town staff would look into funding options, but the work needs to be done. Bidding by late summer would allow work to start in the fall.

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