Pea Island bridge is almost halfway finished

By on September 22, 2011

Half the pilings have been driven. (NCDOT)

Construction of a temporary N.C. 12 bridge over the breach at the middle of Pea Island is nearing the midway point.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation says half of the pilings needed for support of the steel bridge have been driven as of late Wednesday, while a third of the bridge structure itself has been put together.

Sand bags are starting to be filled and placed on the south shore of the breach at the old Pea Island Refuge ranger station to stabilize the landing on that side.

Last weekend’s nor’easter also claimed a yellow brick refuge building built in the 1960’s, next to the breach between the ocean and sound that the bridge will cross.

Rebuilt dune along the S-Curve north of Rodanthe (NCDOT Photo)

Dune reconstruction and sand bag construction is continuing at the S-Curves north of Rodanthe, where another breach has been filled in.

Temporary Bridge Facts (From NCDOT as of Thursday 9/22):

Piling: 41 piles driven out of 82 total piles.

Sheet Piling Bulkhead: 506 linear feet out of 726 total linear feet.

Concrete Footings: 4 footings poured out of 12 total footings.

Bridge Truss Spans: 233 linear feet out of 662 total linear feet.


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