Irene damage in Duck adds up to $3.9 million

By on September 22, 2011

Sound surge took out sections of the boardwalk. (Voice)

Damage in Duck from Hurricane Irene totaled almost $4 million and included sections of the town’s boardwalk that were lifted from their pilings by sound surge.

One section took out the air conditioning system at Duck United Methodist Church.

Surge of 5 to 7 feet with 3-foot waves swept big rocks from riprap onto N.C. 12, and part of the parking lot at the Sunset Grille was undermined, as was the nearby bike path.

“For us, it was an oceanfront event on the sound,” Town Manager Chris Layton said.

Still, Layton said, considerable cleanup was needed on the oceanfront, too.

Trees and marsh grass were swept south from Virginia. About 400 tires used to create an artificial reef for a marine sanctuary in Virginia also ended up on Duck’s oceanfront, Layton said.

But Layton described oceanfront erosion as less than the town would see from a strong nor’easter.

Rocks from soundfront riprap were carried onto N.C. 12. (Town of Duck)

Layton broke down the damage estimates and costs for cleanup at the Town Council’s meeting Wednesday.

Private property sustained $1.2 million in damage and businesses, $2.2 million.

Damage to town property amounted to a little more than $261,000, he said. Most was for debris removal, with about $112,000 in damage to the boardwalk and another $11,000 at the entryway to the town park.

Almost all of the damage to private property was to piers, bulkheads and docks. Some ground-floor flooding was reported at Port Trinitie, but no houses in town were condemned because of damage.

On Wednesday, water was still standing in many parts of Duck, but repairs had already been made at the town park.

The council agreed to replace the Methodist church’s HVAC system for $6,841.

Town damage and debris pickup will likely qualify for FEMA reimbursement with a state match, Layton said.


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