Large-item pickup does not include mobile homes

By on May 17, 2011

Some people take large-item pickup in Dare County literally. They put out mobile homes.

Other junk that has turned up along roadsides in unincorporated areas includes trailers, construction debris and even entire cars.

They are not the kind of stuff that the county hauls away.

“That’s not what large item pickup is,” said County Manager Bobby Outten.

On Monday, the Board of Commissioners revised the the county’s littering ordinance to establish a $200 fine for putting out junk at any time other than the one day each spring and fall when the county offers large-item pickup. It also applies to unauthorized items that the county will not pick up on the two scheduled days, such as construction and demolition debris.

Commissioners Richard Johnson, who asked for the revisions, said that a $200 fine would not discourage some violators because that would be much less than they would pay to remove something as large as a mobile home.

“To me, it should be no less than $200,” Johnson said, “because there are several places in Dare County right now where they’re tearing down mobile homes and selling the steel out from under them and piling the rest of the house up on the side of the road. And you can’t haul that off for less than $200.”

The ordinance includes a provision that calls for violators to cover the cost of removing items. It also places the responsibility on owners, even if renters were responsible. Thirty days after notification a lien will be placed on the property if the bill is not paid.

Public Works Director Edward Lee Mann told the commissioners it would probably take a day for a county crew to dismantle a mobile home and haul it off.

Outten said that putting out junk when no pickup is scheduled sometimes creates a domino effect. After one resident dumps something on the shoulder of a road, neighbors think it must be time for large-item pickup.

The pickups are scheduled in the spring when property owners are getting homes ready for the rental season and in the fall when they are cleaning up.

Debris should be put out the day before the schedule pickup, although the ordinance allows for up to three days.

Dates vary. This spring’s pickups were in April.


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