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Dec 14

Crews start bringing down the house at Cape Hatteras Pier

After the initial staging phase, which included asbestos abatement by a special contractor, inspections, and securing the site with fencing, the removal of the dilapidated Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier can now begin in earnest.

Opposition to Sunday waterfowl hunting creates odd alliances

A proposed rule change that would allow waterfowl hunting on Sunday in North Carolina has brought together conservationists, birdwatchers, and a larger-than-expected number of guides and owners of hunting grounds.

Dare County’s Future of COA task force holds first meeting

COA Dare is going to get a new campus thanks to a $7.5 million capital improvement commitment from Dare County. A new task force is trying to help shape the curriculum and course offerings at the proposed new facility.

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