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Sep 23

Video: Free-diving and spearfishing off the Vicarious charter

The Vicarious charter travels up to 20 miles offshore, often near wrecks, to provide a sensational experience free- diving with tanks. Spearfishing can be part of the experience, but just taking in the diversity of marine life can be worth the trip.

Gov. Cooper vetoes bill that includes plastic bag ban repeal

The ban on single-use plastic shopping bags by most retailers on the Outer Banks will continue, for now, after Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill passed by the General Assembly last month amending state environmental laws.

Irma builds bridge between Hatteras Point and Shelly Island

The part where Shelly Island is connecting is at the southwest corner, or the westernmost part of the sandbar, although it appears as if the entire formation is noticeably closer to the rest of The Point.

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Concealed-carry permits bring education, safety advantages

You can’t just put your weapon anywhere inside a vehicle when taking it to the range or even to the Gun Shack for inspection or maintenance. And the laws here can be tricky and subject to broad interpretation.

May 21

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